Introducing Pastor K. Timothy

Pastor Timothy

I am Timothy born and brought up in a Hindu family at Chinateenarla .we are six children to my parents and I am  the fourth son to my parents. We all are fisher people. I am married and I have two children. I was divot of household Goddesses.

 Conversion:  in my village there was a blind pastor who used to come to our house and slowly my sister believed in Christ. I use to listening from the pastor and moreover through my sister’s prayers I come to Christ. Once I come to know that I am sinner, then I ask forgiveness from the Lord and took baptism. I attend church regularly and I participate in every meeting. As I was growing in the Lord I started business and it was good, as my family was also growing in the Lord.

Call for ministry: one day I attended one meeting and God spoke to me directly through a prophet. There I dedicated myself to the Lord’s ministry but when I come to my home I neglected to go to ministry.  I was not having peace in my life . Once again I attended to one meeting again God spoke to me through a pastor. Then I remembered my call and I served three year with one pastor as assistant but later God spoke to me to go Bible College, I went there and studied. During this time, my wife and children were not having food because of financial struggles but I did not leave My Bible College. I understood that one who called me He is faithful to me and my family.

Ministry:  By the grace of God I entered in ministry in year of 2005. Now I am doing ministry in three villages. In those villages there were no single believers but now by the grace of God people are coming to the church. Right know I don’t have any church building to worship the Lord in, so pray for me.  Those villages are very strict in their religions. So, please pray for ministry and by the grace of God along with Pastor Jonathan as a team we are working in God’s field.  Around 40 people are there but less people come every Sunday because they use to go other places to survival.