Waste Picker Report and Appeal

Following is a first-hand report from Jonathan following his recent outreach the Waste Pickers in his city. Fifty people were provided nutritious meals.

Waste Picker-Solo

A solo Waste Picker

Waste picking life is lowest in the community. A large number of those in this occupation are women and children. Illiterate, unskilled persons, migrants, those lowest in the caste hierarchy and the poorest of the poor, predominantly work as waste pickers, as they are unable to find any other kind of employment. Currently, many of them collect waste from landfills dotting urban spaces.

Waste pickers are self-employed workers with no formal legal relationship with the municipality or the recyclable traders. There is a high prevalence of infectious disease among waste pickers due to their exposure to hazardous materials such as fecal matter, paper saturated by toxic materials, bottles and containers with chemical residues, contaminated needles, and heavy metals from batteries.  They also face regular harassment and extortion from both the police and the municipal authorities. No social security benefits


Garbage piker colony

A Waste Picker Community helped by Jonathan and team

Marikavalasa in Visakhapatnam city is one colony inhabited by about 20 waste-picker families. The residents of the colony work in the Kapuluppada dump yard under extremely poor conditions and are at constant risk from industrial and medical waste containing contaminated, infectious waste, toxic chemicals,

Marikavalasa in Visakhapatnam city is one colony inhabited by about 20 waste-picker families. The residents of the colony work in the Kapuluppada dump yard under extremely poor conditions and are at constant risk from industrial and medical waste containing contaminated, infectious waste, toxic chemicals, inflammables and sharp objects. Consequently, the rag-pickers here are frequent sufferers of injury, dermatological, respiratory and muscular problems. There are no sanitation measures or washing facilities in these places.

Waste Picker Children

Waste Picker children during Jonathan’s visit

LLCM team has visited this waste-pickers colony recently for distributing free food to them.  The team found 30 children living in the colony are in pathetic condition.  The children are one year to ten years of age, some were half naked and some even fully naked.   When the team observed the health condition of the children it was a bad situation.  All the children were suffering from anemia, ill health and injuries.  Parents have no money either to feed them with proper healthy and hygienic food or take them to the hospital to treat them.  The poor children who do not know anything about their health condition are innocently playing with dirty dolls and other items which were picked from the garbage tips.  The poverty of their parents  leaves them living in extremely unhealthy conditions.

Jonathan felt a great pity for the children and their helpless parents. The whole team prayed for them and returned. After reaching home, Jonathan could not sleep because the scene of the condition of the children kept coming before his eyes again and again.   He prayed to God that to inspire others to help these poor and helpless children.

The Spirit of God inspired Rev. Jonathan for a proposal: If we can provide just 30 children with one boiled egg and one glass (200 ml.) of boiled milk each child at least three times a week, they will be recovered and be healthy. To provide this per child coast Rs. 25/ half of a dollar or %0 pence in UK currency.

  • Cost involves for this proposal for a week:
  • 1 boiled egg = Rs.5/-
  • 1 glass(200 ml.) of boiled milk = Rs.15/-
  • Each child needs Rs.20/-
  • 30 children need Rs.600/- and Rs.150/- for transportation, total Rs.750/- for one day.
  • For 3 days a week total need of Rs.2250/- $ 35/-£20 for all 30 children
  • Your investment will give life to 30 children. The love of Jesus will penetrate into the hearts of a special community which is ignored and abandoned by the high cultured communities. Those who give for this cause will certainly be blessed by God.  May the Name of the Lord be glorified
  • If we provide three times a week per child, the cost is Rs. 75/ around one and a half Dollar. Thanks

Waste Picker Children with Jonathan

Jonathan with Waste Picker children

Over the past year, I have come to know Jonathan well. We are in contact by phone and other social media every day. I have gained an intimate insight into the life and work of Jonathan and his team. They work tirelessly for the poor both in the city and the remote villages where people face great hardship and deprivation. I am able to vouch for all the selfless work that he carries on in the execution of his Christian faith and deep compassion for his people.

If you could spare the cost of a cup of coffee just 1 to 3 days a week, leave a comment in the box and I will give you details of where you can deposit funds. 100% of all donations given will go to India and the work I have outlined here. I will pay all fees for transfer of funds to India. Light of Life Compassion Ministries is a charity registered in India.

Thank you for reading this latest report by Jonathan.




Waste Picker Ministry


In the west, we are privileged when it comes to the issue of rubbish collection. We separate our waste into bags and from there into counselling recycling bins and then it is all collected by a big shiny council refuse truck and taken away…hardly a hand gets dirty.

But imagine if garbage and recycling were something you had to do for a living…on the streets, rummaging amongst mountains of waste on the kerb sides, in the stations or on the tips on the edge of town…dirty, sweaty, stinking work that earned you 30 rupees a day…not even enough for a meal. Would you be happy about it?

Thousands of people in India earn their living by ‘waste picking’. For the most part, the workers are individuals unsupported by any Government or NGO’s (I recognise the support, organisation and recognition that is given to waste pickers in some states in India, such as Bangalore). Pickers  live in make-shift huts beside the dumps; suffer disease; are looked down upon by society; live under constant threat from attack and abuse, harassment by police and other authorities. They live in primitive conditions, lack basic health care are rejected, often abused and struggle to provide food for their children and education is not an option.

Jonathan and his team provide essential support to people who often feel on the edge, even outside of society. In his regular visits to waste picker communities and families, he brings food, clothing, educational items for the children and a message of hope.

From my listening to reports from India regarding the lives of the poor on the streets and in the slums, there is a growing recognition that even at the lowest levels of society, that raised aspiration can lead to a better standard of life...see Annamma’s story. But she had to flee Andra Pradesh in order to realise her aspirations.

cropped-india_carbagecollectors_header_blog_3457913fd6fecf7.jpgChildren in a Waste Picker community.


Are you able to help Jonathan and his team to continue to support the waste pickers in his district? If so, reply in the comments section and I will give you details of how you can bring hope and aspiration the waste pickers of Visakhapatnam.

IMG-20151229-WA0010                                                   Distributing food to Waste Pickers



Introducing Pastor K. Timothy

Pastor Timothy

I am Timothy born and brought up in a Hindu family at Chinateenarla .we are six children to my parents and I am  the fourth son to my parents. We all are fisher people. I am married and I have two children. I was divot of household Goddesses.

 Conversion:  in my village there was a blind pastor who used to come to our house and slowly my sister believed in Christ. I use to listening from the pastor and moreover through my sister’s prayers I come to Christ. Once I come to know that I am sinner, then I ask forgiveness from the Lord and took baptism. I attend church regularly and I participate in every meeting. As I was growing in the Lord I started business and it was good, as my family was also growing in the Lord.

Call for ministry: one day I attended one meeting and God spoke to me directly through a prophet. There I dedicated myself to the Lord’s ministry but when I come to my home I neglected to go to ministry.  I was not having peace in my life . Once again I attended to one meeting again God spoke to me through a pastor. Then I remembered my call and I served three year with one pastor as assistant but later God spoke to me to go Bible College, I went there and studied. During this time, my wife and children were not having food because of financial struggles but I did not leave My Bible College. I understood that one who called me He is faithful to me and my family.

Ministry:  By the grace of God I entered in ministry in year of 2005. Now I am doing ministry in three villages. In those villages there were no single believers but now by the grace of God people are coming to the church. Right know I don’t have any church building to worship the Lord in, so pray for me.  Those villages are very strict in their religions. So, please pray for ministry and by the grace of God along with Pastor Jonathan as a team we are working in God’s field.  Around 40 people are there but less people come every Sunday because they use to go other places to survival.

India’s Children and Malaria


Malaria kills about one child every minute in the sub-tropics. India is no exception. Children, as well as adults, are affected, resulting in 1 million deaths each year. Just a couple of months ago I was able to team up with Jonathan and his co-workers, to provide mosquito nets for an entire village, thus giving them protection and a greater level of assurance for their health and well-being. This vital work that is carried out by the team is one of their primary mission objectives and is followed up by the Christian story.

Mosquito net_Mother and Ch‎ild

Light of Life Compassion Ministries


For a year now, I have been involved with an indigenous ministry in India. On an almost daily basis, I have observed a group of ordinary men and women working tirelessly to bring aid, hope, support and the simple message of Christ to villages in a region of South India.

These are not people connected to some international relief agency, money-laden and people-heavy. No, they are the ordinary men (and their families) that you would see on the street of any Indian town our city. Like Christ himself, they have the little that life has given them and they share that with others who have even less.

I am going to let my weekly blogs tell the story. I hope you are inspired as I am with the tireless and loving actions of this group of men and women.

Introducing Jonathan & Ramya


Jonathan and Wife

Background: I am K. Tatilu (Jonathan), was born in Hindu family at Chinateenarla village. I am fourth child to my parents and my father was like a priest (poojari) in our house for household goddesses, and at the same time, my father was fisherman. He was so religious man, my father was having boats and he was earning good money. As my family was growing my father was addicted to alcohol. When I was eight years old my father passed away. Because of my father we lose everything so, all of suddenly we became poor so all our family members left us alone. My mother had gone through many struggles with her four children.  I was semi-orphan so mother kept me in one Christian orphanage there I come across Christ, the Love that shown by the home convicted me to follow Jesus Christ and moreover I experienced Christ Love. I don’t know father’s Love and even Mother’s Love because my mother was not with me. She was a daily labour so she was not able to look after me and other children.

My conversion: when I was ten years old I was affected by malaria so my mother took me to hospital but there was no cure. After some days, one more disease added to me so doctors said to my mother that we can’t do anything to this boy. Ultimately I was on the death bed, my mother had no hope that I would live. Everyone thought that I already died. On that day, one pastor came to my village and my mother asked him to pray for me. Because pastor knew that I believed in Jesus Christ because I was in an orphanage, so pastor prayed and went away but my mother got a little hope on me that Jesus will save my son.

Next day my mother took me to the church and made a vow to God with tears that “Lord save my child. If he will live I will give him for your ministry and he will be serving to you entire his life”. When my mother made prayer to God I was slowly recovering day by day. When I got healed, my mother and other household accepted Christ as their personal saviour from then my faith became strong in Christ. I studied up to 10th standard in Christian orphanage; through me all of my family accepted Christ. Because my family conditions I left my studies and went Goa for a job. There because of my friends and of my work I was totally away from the Lord. I forgot that what my mother made a promise with God. I was addicted to all bad habits. Again I was in the problem where I can understand God’s will in my life. I had been a beggar for some days because of not obeying to God’s will in that strange land. But God has a plan for my life and brought me back to my home and forgave my sins. I was growing in faith strongly.

 Call for ministry: whenever I do the job there was no fruit in that place. I always lose in my business because I forgot my mother’s promise towards God regarding me. But when I was praying to God, God was speaking with me through the scripture John 15:16 “you did not choose me, but I choose you and appointed you that you should bear fruit, and that your fruit should remain, whatever you ask the Father in my name He may give you”. Through this word God spoke with me then I realize that was God’s plan for me in His own ways.

One day God spoke with me through a prophet again that I should do His ministry. By this all I understood that God called me to His ministry. At the Age of 18 I went to Bible College to study in Telugu medium one year, and then I minister with one senior pastor for two years. And I served one year for orphan children as a warden. And by the help of God I went Bible college again I completed B.Th. then after I did my M.Div in Visakahapatnam. In 2011 April 27 I got married to Ramya. God gave me a prayerful lady as my life partner, I thank God for Her.

Ministerial burden: As God kept me burden for perishing souls in Andhra pradesh. I had been an orphan so I have a burden for orphan children and their struggle; moreover, I came to know Christ when I was in the orphanage so, I have a great burden for orphan children.

I have only one goal that until last breath of my life I want to serve the Lord faithfully in all the areas of my life. God gave me the gift to lead and teach some pastors. I am praying to God to have some support for those pastors for this small ministry. I have the vision to plant churches in unreached areas for God.  Your prayers and partnership with us will make much impact in this small ministry

please pray for me and my wife. For the ministry we are doing in India.


God’s servant Kt. Jonathan